Company profile

DoMAX-companyDoMax specialises in electric motion technology. Our drive is to design and manufacture innovative products that make it simple to move heavy loads for everybody. With our small team of engineers we have developed innovative products to move hospital beds, pallets and trolleys easier and safer than ever before. We have selected a number of high quality components that make up our designs. And have detailed and intimate knowledge of these components. Though this we can rapidly design reliable tailor-made solutions for your specific needs. With a broad production network in several countries DoMAX is able to supply finished products at your doorstep. From a single custom design to large volume production. To ensure the high quality level of our products, DoMAX is in charge of assembly and quality control.

DoMAX is driven for motion!


The DoMAX engineers have various specialisations. Together they implement their expertise and know how into electric motion solutions, not just making life of users easier but also to offer them great looking working devices. Customers demands for quality and price levels are leading in the mind set of DoMAX and implemented in the engineering and designing process. DoMAX will usually sketch several ideas to discover the broad perspective of a briefing. After this phase 3D-drawings and prototypes will be made to materialise the product.

Below more specific information about the specialisations.

Electric drive systems

engineering-drives DoMAX will make an efficient combination of components to create the best working movement solution.







engineering-electronicsKnowledge of electronics is a key factor in the DoMAX designs. DoMAX provides energy efficient products and easy to operate interfaces, including wireless technology.







engineering-constructionElectronic components will perform best in a firm construction or sub frame. DoMAX always looks for the most efficient balance between strength and weight. Quantities for the series and required quality will determine the production method and materials for the various solutions.






engineering-designA product is not finished when it is functioning well. Engineering and designing go hand in hand when DoMAX is developing a product. DoMAX engineers are driven to create products that also have functional ergonomics and appealing looks.